Egypt to Modernize 43 Apaches for $2.3B

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  • 07:08 AM, May 9, 2020
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Egypt to Modernize 43 Apaches for $2.3B
AH-64E Apache attack helicopter

Egypt plans to modernize its fleet of 43 AH-64E Apache attack helicopters for an estimated cost of $2.3 billion.

On May 7, the US State Department approved a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Government of Egypt to refurbish the gunships. Cairo’s request to buy 10 new AH-64Es for $1 billion was greenlit by the State Department in November 2018.

For the Apache refurbishment project, Egypt had requested to buy eighty-eight (88) T700-GE-701D engines (86 remanufactured, 2 spares); forty-seven (47) AN/ASQ-170 Modernized Target Acquisition and Designation Sight/AN/AAR-11 Modernized Pilot Night Vision Sensors (MTADS/PNVS) (43 remanufactured, 2 new, 2 spares); forty-five (45) AAR-57 Common Missile Warning Systems (CMWS) (43 new, 2 spares); and ninety-two (92) Embedded Global Positioning System/Inertial Navigation Systems (EGI) (86 new, 6 spares), Defense Security Cooperation Agency said in a release Thursday.

Egypt to Modernize 43 Apaches for $2.3B

Also included are AN/AVR-2B Laser Detecting Sets, AN/APX-119 transponders, Identify Friend or Foe (IFF), AN/APN-209 radar altimeters, AN/ARN-149 Automatic Direction Finders, UHF/VHF radio, tactical AN/ARC-201E radio, APR-39 Radar Warning Sets, Improved Data Modems IDM-401, Enhanced Image Intensifiers EI2, Hellfire launchers M299, 2.75 inch 19 tube rocket launchers, M230 automatic guns, M230 spare gun barrels, MT06 initiators, cartridge actuated JAU-59, training devices, helmets, simulators, generators, transportation, wheeled vehicles and organization equipment, spare and repair parts, support equipment, tools and test equipment, technical data and publications, personnel training and training equipment, US government and contractor engineering, technical, and logistics support services, and other related elements of logistics support.

The principal contractors involved in this program are the Boeing Company, Meza, AZ, and Lockheed Martin Corporation, Orlando, FL. There are no known offset agreements proposed in connection with this potential sale. 

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