Raytheon to Develop Advanced GNSS Anti-Jamming Tech for UK

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  • 11:16 AM, July 22, 2020
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Raytheon to Develop Advanced GNSS Anti-Jamming Tech for UK

Raytheon was selected by the UK MoD Defence Equipment and Support office to develop a prototype system to exploit position navigation and timing information derived from Global Navigation Satellite Systems.

Under the contract, Raytheon UK’s Assured Positioning Navigation and Timing business will deliver a Technology Demonstrator Programme, with advanced multi-element Anti-Jam technology, to prove the integration of the A-J with a next-generation multi-GNSS receiver to both accelerate and de-risk the availability of such systems to end users.  

“As a world-leader in the development, production and supply of analogue and digital anti-jamming systems to many of the world’s military forces, we are ideal partners to develop and evolve this critical technology with DE&S,” said John Gallagher, Managing Director Weapons and Sensors, Raytheon UK.

“GNSS signals are used by many critical infrastructure organizations and the technology has transformed the way we live our everyday lives; however, the GNSS signals are susceptible to interference, both intentional and unintentional,” Gallagher said. “The availability of low-cost jamming devices has meant that jamming is a constant threat.”

The Technology Demonstrator Programme will take advantage of Raytheon UK’s extensive A-J heritage and established capability in the development of reduced size weight and power technologies, including Landshield and Landshield Plus, to enable the fitment of GNSS A-J to a wider range of platforms. It will help mitigate the real, significant and increasing threat of satellite signal interference and provide a future solution that will protect our Front-Line Commands and Critical National Infrastructure.

“UK industry has well established world-leader credentials in the design and development of small and compact anti-jam antenna systems. This initiative helps to maintain the UK at the cutting-edge of technology,” said Rob Linham, Chief Engineer PNT at the Ministry of Defence. “This technology demonstrator programme will help ensure our forces are able to operate effectively within challenging electromagnetic environments.