Russia’s High-Speed Amphibious Vehicle to Debut at Army-2020

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  • 01:52 PM, August 18, 2020
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Russia’s High-Speed Amphibious Vehicle to Debut at Army-2020

Russia’s Baltic Machine-Building Company (BMK) will unveil the world’s first all-wheel high-speed amphibious vehicle christened “Drozd” during Army-2020 Forum to be held next week.

Drozd is based on a modular platform of the same name. The vehicle can accelerate to 70 kmph on water and up to 100 kmph on land, Mil.Press FLOT reported Monday.

Built from carbon fibre, the Drozd weighs 2 tons and can carry an additional weight of 1.5 tons. "Drozd" is powered by a 260 hp diesel engine weighing 120 kg.

The vehicle’s hull is distinguished by mine protection and the ability to install light armor. The wheels are equipped with an on-the-go inflation system. Drozd can be armed with various weapons - from machine guns and combat modules to multiple rocket launchers. 

Russia’s High-Speed Amphibious Vehicle to Debut at Army-2020

Although US (Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics), UK (Gibbs) and China (Research Institute of Vehicles) have built amphibious vehicles, none of the foreign analogs have a "real" all-wheel drive with blocking center and cross-axle differentials.

"The vehicle is designed modular, which makes it possible to create on its basis a line of amphibians for various purposes and carrying capacity," Sergey Tereshenkov, chief designer and head of BMK, noted. "Among them are options for the marines, the Navy, land force, coastal troops, reconnaissance forces, special operations forces, logistical support units, engineering troops (including for the guidance of pontoon crossings), medical services, etc. Also, the machine will find its use in other power structures: rescue, fire services and law enforcement agencies.”

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