French MoD-Incubated Maritime Intelligence Start-up Raises Euro 20 M

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  • 01:37 PM, May 4, 2021
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French MoD-Incubated Maritime Intelligence Start-up Raises Euro 20 M
Satellite constellation: Image for reference

French Maritime intelligence-gathering start-up, ‘Unseenlabs,’ has raised a capital of 20 million euros to support the development of its geo-location services.

 Founded in 2015, Unseenlabs has developed a technology based on the identification of electromagnetic waves emitted by ships. Embedded on nanosatellites, the technology allows geo-location from space of any ship at sea, in near real time and to the nearest kilometer.

The historical partners of the company are Breizh Up, Hemeria and the Definvest investment fund of the French Ministry of the Armed Forces. The latter, dedicated to strategic defense companies, is managed by Bpifrance and the General Directorate of Armaments (DGA), the DGA said in a release today.

Three new investors have joined these partners: 360 Capital, Omnes Capital and Blue Oceans.

The Definvest funding enabled Unseenlabs to launch its innovative project of maritime traffic monitoring by nano-satellites which is considered promising for the strategic field of intelligence gathering.

This new fundraising will help Unseenlabs accelerate the deployment of its constellation, which should have 20 to 25 nanosatellites by 2025 and support the development of its geolocation services.

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