Seven U.S. Military Convoys Hit in Iraq

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  • 04:24 AM, August 26, 2021
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Seven U.S. Military Convoys Hit in Iraq
Soldiers travel to a range at Camp Taji, Iraq, Feb. 7, 2020.

At least seven convoys carrying logistical equipment for the U.S. military, in different locations across Iraq, were attacked on Tuesday.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhemi returned home from Washington after White House talks on Monday in which President Joe Biden announced an end to U.S. combat operations in Iraq.

Two of the convoys were hit in the city of al-Diwaniyah, the capital of the southeastern Iraqi province of al-Qadisiyyah, Sabereen News, an outlet affiliated with Iraq’s resistance groups, reported via its Telegram channel.

Shortly afterwards, other news sources reported attacks on two more such group of vehicles in the Babylon Province that neighbors Qadisiyyah to the north.

The other attacks took place in Baghdad’s Yusufiyah area, Muthana and Dhi Qar Provinces.

The incidents were claimed by Qassem al-Jabbarin that identifies itself as an anti-occupation resistance outfit.

Two rockets were fired early Thursday at Baghdad's fortified Green Zone which houses the U.S. Embassy.

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