Navantia Launches Fifth Avante 2200 Corvette for Saudi Navy

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  • 04:13 AM, December 6, 2021
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Navantia Launches Fifth Avante 2200 Corvette for Saudi Navy
Unayzah Avante 2200 corvette

Navantia launched “Unayzah,” the fifth Avante 2200 corvette that it is building in the Bay of Cádiz shipyards for the Royal Navy of Saudi Arabia (RSNF) on Saturday.

Work on the corvette will continue in the water until its delivery in Spain, scheduled for August 2023. The ship will be completed in Saudi Arabia and will be delivered in February 2024.


The "Unayzah" corvette is the fifth in the series that makes up the Avante 2200 program. It has a length of 104 meters, a beam of 14 and will be capable of transporting a total of 102 people between crew and passengers.

These corvettes come equipped with CATIZ combat system, HERMESYS integrated communications system, DORNA fire direction and an Integrated Control System. Platform and the MINERVA integrated bridge, together with other equipment developed by Navantia under license, such as MTU motors, RENK gearboxes.

This contract, in force since November 2018, strengthens the immediate future of Navantia and benefits all the company's shipyards and its auxiliary industry, especially the entire Bay of Cádiz.

The contract includes, in addition to construction, Life Cycle Support for five years, from the delivery of the first ship, with the option of another five additional years.

It also includes the provision of various services, such as integrated logistics support, operational and maintenance training, provision of Training and Training Centers for the Combat System and Platform Control System of ships, Life Cycle Support, cited above, and the systems for the maintenance of the ships at the Jeddah Naval Base.

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