Poland Bats for Heavy weapons, Equipment to Kyiv at Ukraine Defense Consultative Group Meeting

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  • 03:57 AM, April 28, 2022
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Poland Bats for Heavy weapons, Equipment to Kyiv at Ukraine Defense Consultative Group Meeting
Ukraine Defense Consultative Group meeting held on 26 April 2022 @Polish MoD

Poland expressed during the Ukraine Defense Consultative Group meeting Tuesday that it is vital to provide heavy weapons and equipment, including anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine in its fight against Russia.

The conference, chaired by the U.S. Secretary of Defence Lloyd J. Austin, saw the participation of representatives of over 40 countries. It was devoted to discussing the current support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and long-term plans in this regard.

The Polish defense ministry called the establishment of Ukraine Defense Consultative Group “a very important initiative” because it allows for better coordination aid for Ukraine.

“Coordination of aid in that way will be more beneficial to Ukraine. We will be able to respond to specific needs that are currently being formulated by the Ukrainian side,” said Mariusz Błaszczak, Minister of National Defence in Ramstein.

He added, “Today, the most important thing is to support Ukraine in accordance with its needs, which were presented at the conference. Heavy weapons, heavy equipment are indispensable. We also talked about anti-aircraft weapons. These are two goals set by the Ukrainian side. In coordination with NATO and the US, such support is being provided and will continue to be.”

Błaszczak said Germany should take imposing sanctions against Russia seriously. “In my speech, I emphasized how important the independence of Ukraine means for security - not only for the security of Poland, not only for NATO countries, but for the whole of Europe and the world. We can see who is Putin. I hope our allies in Germany can see this as well. (...) It will also be important for Germany whether they decide to impose serious sanctions, because it is crucial to stop Putin, who finances his aggression with money that he obtains from supplying energy resources mainly to Germany.”

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