Helmet-mounted Cueing System, Other Modifications for Bahraini F-16 Jets

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  • 05:21 AM, April 30, 2022
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Helmet-mounted Cueing System, Other Modifications for Bahraini F-16 Jets
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The Pentagon announced a $7.7 million contract to Lockheed Martin for Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing Systems for F-16 fighters operated by Bahrain.

The modification provides for the procurement of Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System II Group B hardware for 16 aircraft and installation for two flight test aircraft. Additionally, the modification provides for integration of the FMU-139D/B fuze; integration of six 600-gallon fuel tanks and non-jettison fuel pylons; and support equipment for conformal fuel tanks and installation, a Pentagon release today said.

Work is expected to be completed by Nov. 29, 2024. The total cumulative face value of the contract is $1.09 billion.

In September 2017, the U.S. State Department approved the contract to upgrade 20 Bahraini F-16 jets for $1.082 billion. This involved the upgrade of F-16 Block 40 aircraft to F-16V configuration. The Department also agreed to sell 19 F-16Vs estimated to cost $2.785 billion to the country.

Bahrain is the first country to purchase 16 F-16 Block 70 fighters.

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