First Display of UEC Hybrid Engine Mockup for Drones at HeliRussia-2022

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  • 01:43 PM, May 16, 2022
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First Display of UEC Hybrid Engine Mockup for Drones at HeliRussia-2022
Russia's Orion UAV @Kronshtadt

Russia’s United Engine Corporation (UEC) will display a model of a hybrid engine for advanced aircraft including drones for the first time at the HeliRussia-2022 helicopter exhibition to held from May 19 to 21 at the Crocus Expo IEC (Moscow Region, Krasnogorsk).

"The GSU layout is presented on the platform of a promising unmanned aerial vehicle with four rotary propellers. Potential objects of application of the GSU with a power of 500 kW are light multi-purpose helicopters, advanced unmanned (optionally manned) aircraft with a take-off weight of 2-8 tons, local air lines, air taxis, business - aviation, vertical takeoff and landing aircraft," the company’s press service reported.

UEC will also display demonstrators of VK-650V, VK-1600V engines.

The UEC explained that the GSU layout includes a gas turbine engine, electric motors, power electronics units, an electric generator and a battery pack.

The use of hybrid technologies in aviation will reduce fuel consumption by up to 70% and significantly reduce harmful emissions.

Engine VK-650V with a power of 650 hp - the first domestic engine for light helicopters Ka-226T, Ansat-U, VRT-500 and foreign helicopters have the same capacity. The first demonstrator engine was assembled in December 2020 and is now being tested. The type certificate for VK-650V is planned to be received in 2023.

The VK-1600V engine is intended for installation on multi-purpose and special helicopters with a take-off weight of 5-8 tons. The first object of application is the promising multi-purpose Ka-62 helicopter.

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