Rafale Jets Collide During Air Show, Land Safely

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  • 02:44 PM, May 25, 2022
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Rafale Jets Collide During Air Show, Land Safely
Collision between two French Air Force Rafale jets @Via social media

Two French Air Force Rafale fighters were involved in a minor mid-air collision during the Cognac airshow at Chateaubernard military base on Sunday.

The incident was caught on camera by onlookers.

Colonel Nicholas Liot, commander of the military base said it is a 'very rare' event. He said the two jets were part of the Air Force's 30th Fighter Squadron of the Air Force.

One of the aircraft lost part of its tailfin in the collision, and the debris fell and damaged a house in the town of Gensac-la-Pallue. The jet managed to land safely.

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