New Air-to-air Missile for Russian Su-57 Stealth Jet This Year

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  • 06:12 PM, July 5, 2022
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New Air-to-air Missile for Russian Su-57 Stealth Jet This Year
Su-57 fighter jet

A new short-to-medium-range missile for the Russian Su-57 fifth-generation fighters, capable of engaging small-size stealth targets in the air will be completed this year.
The new air-to-air missile for the Su-57 fighter was unveiled on November 18, 2019. However it’s name and performance characteristics were not disclosed.
The state trials and their serial deliveries to the troops are planned by the year end, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said at the ministry’s conference call on Tuesday, TASS reported.
The small-to-medium-range air-to-air missiles have been engineered by the Vympel Design Bureau (part of Tactical Missiles Corporation) and "are designed to outfit the advanced Su-57 aircraft platform and other carriers," the defense minister was quoted as saying in a TASS report.
"The new armament will help raise the combat efficiency of carrier aircraft in aerial stand-off and boost the range of engaged aerial targets, including small-size aircraft and drones based on the stealth technology," the defense minister said.
The missile is intended to address current threats such as stealth fighter jets and drones besides future concepts such as loyal wingman drones that fly alongside fighter jets and can penetrate much deeper into enemy territory than even stealth fighters.

Given the stealth characteristics of the Su-57, missiles had to be developed or modified to fit into the internal weapons bay of the aircraft.

New Air-to-air Missile for Russian Su-57 Stealth Jet This Year
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