China Unveils "Switchblade" UAV, the FH-901 Suicide Drone

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  • 08:17 AM, September 9, 2022
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China Unveils
Chinese FH-901 "Swichblade" suicide drone in action

China on Thursday unveiled a “switchblade” suicide drone among a several new unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)  in a  video released at a forum on unmanned equipment developed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) in Beijing.

The video displayed live-fire shooting exercises by armed reconnaissance drones like the CH-4 and the CH-5, in addition to  the launch of a new attack UAV, the  FH-901 suicide drone and the CH-10 tilt-rotor drone.

What appears to be an FH-901 suicide drone is seen attacking a tank target from the top, completely destroying it, various Chinese media reported.

Observers called the FH-901 a Chinese equivalent to the US-developed Switchblade suicide drone. The Switchblade earned its recent fame in the Ukraine crisis.

The FH-901 can be launched from the ground and also released by aircraft and drones in the sky.

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