Russia Reveals Torpedo that can Destroy Battleships, Aircraft Carriers

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  • 12:58 PM, September 13, 2022
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Russia Reveals Torpedo that can Destroy Battleships, Aircraft Carriers
Physicist torpedo @Zvezda

Russia has developed a new torpedo named “Physicist” that can sink destroyers and aircraft carriers.

Weighing more than 300kg, the torpedo can detonate very close to the ship, without hitting it, reports Zvezda, a news outlet owned by the Russian defense ministry.

“This method (of exploding near an enemy vessel) inflicts much more damage,” Valery Kulbitsky, the chief designer of the torpedo, was quoted as saying by the report.

“There is an electromagnetic fuse that is triggered when it enters the magnetic field of a ship or boat. It works at a certain distance, that is, it does not necessarily hit the body. In the combat version, the torpedo contains the most modern explosives that Russia has - more than 300kg. A hit from one or two torpedoes is enough to destroy a destroyer-class ship. The aircraft carrier is bigger,” Kulbitsky said.

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