Rostec’s Omsktransmash Supplies T-80BVM Tanks to Russian Troops

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  • 07:18 AM, October 1, 2022
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Rostec’s Omsktransmash Supplies T-80BVM Tanks to Russian Troops
T-80BVM tank @Rostec

The Omsk Transport Engineering Plant, part of Rostec-owned Uralvagonzavod concern, has handed over another batch of T-80BVM tanks to the Russian defense ministry.

The updated combat vehicles passed the necessary tests with a positive result, and in the near future they will go to the military units of the Russian army, Rostec said in a statement.

T-80BVM features "Relikt" ERA, a PNM Sosna-U gunner sight (as in the T-90, T-72B3), an improved 125mm gun 2A46M-5, and an upgraded gas turbine engine and upgrades of various other systems. The tank also has a new autoloader capable of firing the depleted uranium 3BM59 APFSDS shell and the tungsten 3BM60.

Several T-80BVM tanks have been destroyed in Ukraine. As of 10 April 2022, a total of 19 tanks were reported destroyed. 57 Russian T-80Us have also been lost. Only 15 were destroyed; 42 were abandoned. As of 30 September 2022, the open-source intelligence site Oryx has visually confirmed the loss of 261 Russian T-80s (119 T-80BV, 1 T-80BVK, 85 T-80U, 3 T-80UK, 7 T-80UE-1, 1 T-80UM2, 40 T-80BVM and 5 Unknown T-80), and 18 Ukrainian T-80s (18 T-80BV).

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