Czechs Collect Funds to Buy T-72 Avenger Tank for Ukraine

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  • 05:53 PM, October 3, 2022
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Czechs Collect Funds to Buy T-72 Avenger Tank for Ukraine
T-72 Avenger @A Gift for Putin

Funds are being collected in the Czech Republic to purchase an upgraded T-72 Avenger tank for Ukraine.

The fundraising campaign was launched by “A Gift for Putin” project representatives in September after the organizers consulted with Ukrainian military and defense ministry, as per an organization involved in the campaign.

A total of €1.22 million is to be collected, to buy the tank as well as to deliver it to Ukrainian troops.

The T-72 Avenger is a Czech comprehensive upgrade of the Soviet T-72 tank. The tank is upgraded with devices that improve the combat capabilities, comfort and efficiency of using the tank and increase the safety of the crew, as per

Modern sights, including the third generation zero vision, ensure the detection of objects in the dark at a distance of up to 4km. The vehicle has dynamic protection in the form of hinged containers on the hull and turret.

The tank has a modern radio station and internal communication of increased resistance to radio-electronic interference. The T-72 is equipped with a GPS module for displaying navigation data and transmitting its coordinates.

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