Ukraine Claims Capturing Iran-made Mohajer-6 UAV; Tehran Denies Delivering Drones to Russia

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  • 12:33 PM, October 4, 2022
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Ukraine Claims Capturing Iran-made Mohajer-6 UAV; Tehran Denies Delivering Drones to Russia
Iran-made drone captured in Ukraine @via Telegram

Ukraine’s military has showcased an Iran-made Mohajer-6 attack drone reportedly used by Russia.

The drone was neutralized by Ukrainian anti-aircraft units over the Black Sea on September 23. The military then shared photos featuring the trophy on social media.

It will “now work for us,” the military said.

Mohajer-6 is designed to conduct reconnaissance, surveillance, reconnaissance and strikes. It is capable of carrying up to four guided ammunition.

The Iranian drone has a fixed tri-prop landing gear that retracts after takeoff. The system provides automatic take-off and landing.

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The UAV has a maximum takeoff weight of 600 kg, a payload of 100 kg and a flight range of 200 km. It is powered by an engine produced by Rotax Aircraft Engines. The drone’s maximum flight speed is 200 km/h, the duration of the flight is 12 hours, and the maximum flight altitude is 5,400m.

The UAV is equipped with a multispectral sensor camera, as well as a laser rangefinder and two suspensions: one under each wing. The captured UAV was carrying Ghaem-5 aerial bombs.

In another modification, the drone has 4 suspensions: 2 under each wing. They carry missiles and bombs.

Russia has reportedly been using Iran-made drones such as Shahed-136 against Ukraine, some of which have been shot down. Commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Hussein Salami has also confirmed that Tehran has sold homegrown weapons to foreign customers, including some major world powers.

In retaliation to Iran’s alleged supply of weapons to Ukraine, Kyiv has revoked the accreditation of the Ambassador of Iran to Ukraine.

On October 3, another observer Arslon Xudosi posted a photo on Twitter showing a neutralized Russian Eleron-3 reconnaissance drone. The drone was eliminated using EDM4S anti-drone rifle.

Ukraine Claims Capturing Iran-made Mohajer-6 UAV; Tehran Denies Delivering Drones to Russia
Neutralized Eleron-3 UAV @via Twitter

Iran denies delivering drones to Russia

The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry rejected reports that Iran has provided Russia with drones for use in the war in Ukraine.

Asked by journalists in Tehran about comments from the Ukrainian officials that the Russian army has employed Iranian drones in the war in the country, Nasser Kanaani said on Monday, “The Islamic Republic of Iran considers the reports released about delivering drones to Russia for use in the Ukraine war as baseless and would not confirm them.”

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