Russia to Get 200+ Iranian Drones in November

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  • 12:29 PM, November 2, 2022
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Russia to Get 200+ Iranian Drones in November
Arash loitering munition @Iran MoD

Ukraine’s defense ministry has claimed that Iran is preparing to send more than 200 drones, including Shahed-136, Mohajer-6 and Arash-2 UAVs, to Russia.

The Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported that the UAVs will be delivered via the Caspian Sea to the port of Astrakhan. Drones will arrive in Russia in a disassembled state, where they will be repainted and put on Russian markings, in particular “Geran-2.”

Iranian instructors are expected to arrive in the Russian Federation to train the Russian military to use drones such as the “Arash-2.”

Arash-2, an improved version of the Arash-1, is a long-range kamikaze drone that was publicly unveiled in September 2022. The wingspan of “Arash-2” is 4.5 m. It has solid fuel boosters and can be equipped with optical and thermal imaging scanners to capture various types of targets.

The drone is launched from a specialized platform and from a container. It is also possible to launch from naval platforms.

According to the Iranian media, the drone can detect radar radiation. The suppression of air defense systems was one of the tasks of modernization. The announced range is 2000 km. The warhead is 260 kg.

As per another unofficial report, Tehran plans to supply Russia with more than 1,000 weapons items, including short- and medium-range ballistic missiles and drones.

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