Bulgarian Lawmakers Approve $1.3B F-16 Buy

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  • 09:33 AM, November 5, 2022
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Bulgarian Lawmakers Approve $1.3B F-16 Buy
F-16 fighter @Lockheed Martin

Bulgaria’s lawmakers have given the nod to buy a second batch of eight F-16C/D Block 70 fighter jets for approximately $1.3 billion.

The proposal for the jets was passed in the 240-seat National Assembly with 162 votes in favor versus 49 against, while 11 members abstained. The jets are expected to arrive in 2027.

The order for the first batch of eight F-16 Block 70 jets was placed in 2019. They will join the Air Force in late 2025.

Sofia intends to replace 15 aging Russian-made MiG-29s with these new aircraft. Due to Russia's war on Ukraine, Bulgaria has been unable to get maintenance and repair services for its MiG-29s.

Bulgaria initiated talks with Poland on the repair of its MiG-29 fighters in August, to keep its fleet operational until the end of 2023 as only a few of them are in flying condition. A cooperation protocol had been signed between them on the matter in 2015, though Russia objected to the validity of the license held by Poland to repair the aircraft. Poland had repaired just two engines.

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