MC-21 in Rossiya Livery Arrives in Zhukovsky for Joint Operation Training

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  • 03:01 AM, November 30, 2022
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MC-21 in Rossiya Livery Arrives in Zhukovsky for Joint Operation Training
MC-21 in Rossiya livery @Rostec

The prototype MC-21 aircraft of the Irkut Corporation of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), previously painted in the livery of the Rossiya airline, arrived at the flight test and development complex of the OKB im. A.S. Yakovlev, where it will be trained for joint pilot operation. 

As part of the pilot joint operation of MC-21 aircraft, Irkut Corporation and Rossiya Airlines plan to train command and instructor staff and instructor pilots, gain experience in air transportation on typical airliner routes, and work out operational procedures.

In total, three experimental MS-21 aircraft will take part in the program, which will be based at the Ramenskoye airfield, where the Flight Test and Development Complex of the OKB im. A.S. Yakovlev.

The pilot operation program is currently being coordinated with the relevant federal departments. At the first stage, piloting will be carried out by test pilots of OKB im. A.S. Yakovlev.

MC-21 is a new generation medium-haul passenger aircraft with a capacity of 163 to 211 passengers. The liner is focused on the most demanded segment of the passenger transportation market. The aircraft is created on the basis of the latest developments in the field of aircraft construction. Advanced aerodynamics, engines and systems of the latest generation provide high flight performance and reduced operating costs compared to analogues. The aerodynamic perfection of the aircraft is provided by a wing of greater elongation made of composite materials. The widest fuselage width in its class provides more personal space for passengers.

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