Hungary Orders RGW110 Anti-Tank Handguns

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  • 10:06 AM, December 13, 2022
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Hungary Orders RGW110 Anti-Tank Handguns
RGW 110 anti-tank handgun

Hungary will be a pilot customer for the newly developed RGW110 HH-T (HEAT/HESH tandem) anti-tank handgun from Dynamit Nobel Defense (DND).

A spokesman for the company told Soldat & Technik that the joint venture between DND and N7 Holding Ltd, founded on December 9, has received a "substantial contract" for the manufacture and delivery of RGW110 anti-tank handguns. Apparently, the supply of weapons should already take place in the mid-1920s.

DND had already signed a letter of intent with the Hungarian state about two years ago, according to which a joint venture partner is being sought for production in Hungary, S&T reported.

Construction of a plant in Kiskunfélegyházá, 120 km south-east of Budapest, will begin shortly. A pipe production site is to be built there – the RGW pipes are aluminum pipes wrapped with Kevlar or carbon fibers, depending on the version will in future also supply RGW90 and RGW110 tubes for markets beyond Hungary. The warhead production will apparently continue to take place in Burbach.

RGW110 HH-T is seen as a veritable, direct successor to the Panzerfaust 3. According to the company, the basic version intends to take over the strengths of the Panzerfaust 3-IT warhead and combine them with the ergonomics and operating concept of the RGW series.

Overall, however, the new warhead should be shorter and have an ergonomically optimized pull-out spike with a pre-shaped charge, which could increase the penetration capacity compared to the DM72A1 to up to 1,000 mm of armor steel including reactive protection.

The RGW110 HH-T is said to be around 4kg lighter than the Panzerfaust 3 and, with a combat distance of up to 800m - with and without a fire control sight - have about twice the range of the classic Panzerfaust 3. The accuracy should also be increased compared to this.

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