Northrop Tests Multifunction RAPTR Sensor, Mini-CNI on UH-60 Helicopter

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  • 06:05 AM, December 20, 2022
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Northrop Tests Multifunction RAPTR Sensor, Mini-CNI on UH-60 Helicopter
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Northrop Grumman said it flight tested multifunction RAPTR sensor and mini-CNI integrated on UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter.

During a recent demonstration, the company simultaneously transmitted advanced sensor data and communications using the company’s Re Scalable Aperture for Precision Targeting Radar (RAPTR) and Mini-Communications, Navigation, Identification (Mini-CNI) systems on a UH-60. The demonstration is part of a series that showcases Future Vertical Lift (FVL) capabilities.

The RAPTR and Mini-CNI performed bi-directional air-to-ground communications functions while performing air-to-air searching and tracking of targets. These capabilities support crewed-uncrewed teaming and long-range precision fires for the DoD.

This flight test advances Northrop Grumman’s journey to enable Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2). These solutions will enhance situational awareness; improve interoperability across platforms; adapt to emerging mission demands; and securely distribute critical information needed for mission success.

Both Northrop Grumman’s RAPTR and Mini-CNI offer a software-defined, modular open systems architecture approach that supports rapid integration with third parties and is designed to provide flexibility for future growth while reducing cost, risk and time to deploy.

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