Canada-made 'Rotax' Engine Found in Iranian Drones

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  • 12:46 PM, January 16, 2023
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Canada-made 'Rotax' Engine Found in Iranian Drones
Mohajer-6 drone @via open sources

Iranian Mohajer-6 drone’s engine is made by Rotax, a subsidiary of Quebec-based Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP).

Ukrainian troops captured one Mohajer-6 launched by Russia over the Black Sea on October 22, 2022. On being studied, it was found that the engine was of Austrian origin – it was a Rotax 912iS, as per reports.

Because Canada is a member of NATO that also supplies weapons and logistics to Ukraine, the Government of Canada, assisted by U.S. and British intelligence, is conducting an investigation to find out how Iran got the Rotax engine.

BRP told the National Post in November it stopped selling aircraft engines to Iran in 2019. The company said it is “deeply concerned” by reports that some of the motors are being used in Iranian military drones, and suspected theft.

Rotax did sell components designed for light civilian aircraft, to Tehran-based engine maintenance and overhaul company Mahtabal. The Iranian company still describes itself as Iran’s official representative for Rotax aviation engines.

The results of an internal investigation conducted by BRP stated that Rotax engines and spare parts were not sold to Iran or Russia by their official distributors. Rotax's distributor partners comply fully with all applicable laws and regulations. Allegations surfaced that there is a supply chain from the black market.

With help from the Ukrainian military, BRP said it tracked at least part of the Rotax engine product's journey from its factory in Austria.

Apart from the Mohajer-6, another Iranian combat drone that is suspected of using an Austrian engine is the Shahed 129, namely the Rotax 914 type .

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