Russia Creating Anti-Drone Complex to Combat Mini-UAVs

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  • 06:38 AM, February 3, 2023
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Russia Creating Anti-Drone Complex to Combat Mini-UAVs
Russian anti-drone system @Russia MoD

Russia’s anti-drone units will soon be equipped with a complex for combating hostile mini-UAVs.

Widespread usage of drones in today’s conflicts have forced developers to shift focus on creating measures to counter them.

Information on the new counter-UAV system was displayed in an article published by the Russian Ministry of Defense in the Military Thought magazine. Authors of the article examined the types of UAVs and provided an analysis of the means and methods of countering them.

In their opinion, the most effective is the combined method of countering mini-UAVs: fire damage, microwave detection, tracking and suppression, functional destruction of their optoelectronic systems with a low-power laser. It is also possible to use more powerful lasers for the functional destruction of UAVs.

The authors drew attention to "a promising complex of means to counteract mini-UAVs and defeat enemy manpower, based on a new universal remotely controlled combat module (RSWM) with an automatic guidance system and tactical augmented reality goggles."

“Its main purpose is to be an effective means of direct defense of objects and tactical formations of troops (forces) in places of concentration, on the march or in combat positions from reconnaissance and strikes by enemy air attack weapons (AOS), primarily unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of any types,” the article says.

It is clarified that this technical means may include several armored vehicles of the Typhoon type with combat modules for remote control, automatic aiming and guidance of an air target, microwave detection, as well as "UAV tracking and suppression, a low-power laser, Verba MANPADS", united by a common management." It is noted that the Rat mobile complex can also be included in the anti-UAV unit.

Earlier, Zvezda showed how the military personnel of the RF Armed Forces calculate the positions and equipment of the enemy thanks to the Eleron-7 UAV. Its operating altitude is 1000-1500m with a maximum flight range of up to 50km.

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