250 Leopard 2A7 Tanks on Italy’s Shopping List?

  • Defensemirror.com Bureau
  • 09:58 AM, March 10, 2023
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250 Leopard 2A7 Tanks on Italy’s Shopping List?
Leopard 2A7 tank

Italy is reportedly planning a massive purchase of Leopard 2A7 tanks from Germany for approximately €8 billion.

This was reported recently by Italian news agency Agenparl. The 132nd Armored Brigade “Ariete”, which is currently the only active tank brigade in the Italian army, could be a potential recipient of the ordered tanks.

Italy has 200 C1 Ariete main battle tanks manufactured by local company Iveco.

Norway ordered 54 Leopard 2A7s last month, and the Czech Republic is currently mulling over buying 50 of the 2A7+ variant.

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