Putin Checks Out Ka-226T Helicopter at Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant

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  • 03:21 PM, March 15, 2023
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Putin Checks Out Ka-226T Helicopter at Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant
Putin visits Ulan-Ude plant in March 2023 @Rostec

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin visited the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant and examined products to the enterprise, including the Ka-226T helicopter.

Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant is a subsidiary of Russian Helicopters.

Putin assessed the plant’s production capacity and met with the staff and held a meeting with the heads of the regions of the Far Eastern Federal District.

The head of state was told about the plans and prospects of one of the leading enterprises in the Far East, which accounts for 40% of the industrial production of the Republic of Buryatia.

n total, the company has produced almost 1,500 Mi-8/17 family helicopters, which are operated today both in Russia and in many foreign countries. Modern modifications of these rotary-wing machines provide the ability to perform a wide variety of tasks - from saving lives in the Far North to ensuring the operation of offshore drilling platforms.

During the visit, Vladimir Putin was told about the role of the enterprise in increasing the accessibility of Russia's remote territories. The main products of the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant are Mi-8AMT multifunctional helicopters. These rotorcraft provide not only passenger transportation in different regions, but also serve as ambulance helicopters, providing the ability to transport victims and patients from hard-to-reach corners of the country. The Mi-8AMTSh-VA arctic helicopter was created especially for work in the northern regions at extremely low temperatures. These rotorcraft are already being supplied to the Russian Emergencies Ministry for operation in the Arctic aviation units of the department. The machine is distinguished by improved thermal insulation of the fuselage, the ability to quickly start the helicopter engine at temperatures down to -60 degrees. 

Also, the president was presented with a new product of the Russian Helicopters holding company - the Mi-171A3 helicopter, developed in the interests of oil and gas companies. 

“The latest aircraft is designed to deliver people and cargo to offshore drilling platforms, as well as to conduct search and rescue operations on the high seas. When creating the Mi-171A3, modern materials and advanced digital technologies are used,” said Alexei Kozlov, General Director of U-UAZ. “The helicopter meets the needs of companies in the oil and gas sector and meets all safety standards of the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers IOGP. The machine has unique transport capabilities among offshore helicopters – it can carry up to 24 passengers or up to 4 tons of cargo.”Another rotary-wing aircraft, the production of which is planned to begin at the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, is the modernized Ka-226T helicopter. The helicopter is capable of flying at altitudes up to 6500 m above sea level, while having the highest weight return in the class - the helicopter payload reaches 1500 kg with a maximum flight weight of up to 3800 kg.

This light multi-purpose twin-engine rotorcraft is characterized by maneuverability and versatility - a transforming helicopter is built according to a modular scheme. The peculiarity of the helicopter is the so-called "flying chassis" concept - suspension modules of various equipment can be placed behind the cockpit. This solution allows the operator to have one carrier helicopter and several options for interchangeable modules. At the same time, four people can replace the module within 30 minutes. 

In the updated helicopter, the main rotor column has been modernized, a mechanism for folding the blades has been introduced, which is very much in demand, for example, in the ship version of the rotorcraft. The compact helicopter can fly over vast water surfaces and be based on a ship without any obstacles. 

After getting acquainted with the products of the Russian Helicopters holding, Vladimir Putin spoke with the staff of the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, learned about the features of their work and answered key questions related to the prospects for the development of the aviation industry. Special attention was paid to the discussion of the workload of helicopter manufacturing enterprises and the provision of comfortable working conditions.

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