Russia Presents Upgraded Ka-226T Prototype at IDEX 2023 Exhibition in Abu Dhabi

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  • 05:20 AM, February 21, 2023
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Russia Presents Upgraded Ka-226T Prototype at IDEX 2023 Exhibition in Abu Dhabi
Upgraded Ka-226T helicopter at IDEX 2023 @Rostec

The Russian Helicopters holding, part of Rostec, presented an upgraded Ka-226T light multi-purpose helicopter at the IDEX international exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

The company is currently conducting flight tests of upgraded Ka-226T prototype, as well as ground tests of individual units of the rotorcraft.

The upgraded helicopter features a modified fuselage geometry, improved aerodynamics and cockpit ergonomics. The main rotor column has been modernized, a mechanism for folding the blades has been introduced, which is very much in demand, for example, in the ship version of the rotorcraft. 

The upgraded Ka-226T is capable of flying at altitudes up to 6,500 meters above sea level, while the payload of the helicopter reaches 1,500 kg with a maximum flight weight of up to 3,800 kg.

The modernized Ka-226T is a light twin-engine gas turbine helicopter designed to carry cargo, passengers and service personnel, patrol economic zones, monitor, perform search and rescue and medical evacuation tasks. The design features of the upgraded Ka-226T made it possible to reduce the weight of the rotorcraft and improve its flight performance: the payload and flight range have increased.

A feature of the machine is the so-called ‘flying chassis’ concept – behind the cockpit, you can place suspension modules of various equipment. Such a constructive solution allows the operator to have one carrier helicopter and several options for interchangeable modules. Four people can replace the module within 30 minutes.

Another important advantage of the Ka-226T is the proprietary twin-rotor coaxial design, which greatly simplifies the piloting technique, ensures high maneuverability and stability of the helicopter even under high wind loads both in flight and during landing.

Russia Presents Upgraded Ka-226T Prototype at IDEX 2023 Exhibition in Abu Dhabi
Ka-226T modular heicopter

The modernization of the Ka-226T made it possible to further expand the capabilities of the helicopter's operation, to ensure the import substitution of components. A compact helicopter that can fly over a vast water surface and be based on a ship without hindrance. At the same time, the aircraft is also equipped with a mooring system for folded blades, mooring of the helicopter itself on the deck, protection against the effects of fields created by the ship’s equipment, a set of means for towing the helicopter along the deck and emergency rescue equipment during splashdown.

The helicopter is equipped with a crash-resistant fuel system and a modern digital avionics system with display indication (glass cockpit), adapted for the use of night vision goggles.

Several variants of the helicopter configuration have been developed: passenger, cargo, rescue, medical, patrol, airborne transport, VIP. The airborne transport version can accommodate up to seven passengers, the sanitary cabin can accommodate two victims on a stretcher and two accompanying paramedics. In addition, instead of a suspended cabin, a cargo platform, a crane installation, a hopper with sprayers for aerial chemical work in agriculture and other sets of equipment can be installed. Versatility guarantees the demand and economic efficiency of the machine. With a pronounced seasonality of work, the operator avoids equipment downtime or the need to purchase several expensive machines of various configurations.

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