Germany Delivers Patriot Systems to Ukraine

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  • 06:22 AM, April 19, 2023
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Germany Delivers Patriot Systems to Ukraine
Patriot air defense system @Bundeswehr

Germany has handed over MIM-104 Patriot SAM system and anti-aircraft missiles to battle-scarred Ukraine.

In an official statement issued April 18, the German government said it transferred PATRIOT systems, 76 trucks and 124 border protection vehicles to Ukraine.

Germany decided to send one Patriot battery to Ukraine following a meeting between Chancellor Olaf Scholz and U.S. President Joe Biden in January. The transfer of air defense systems to Ukraine was supposed to take place immediately after the completion of the process of training approximately 70 Ukrainian operators in Germany, which began on February 2.

The Ukrainians were working with the control center of the air defense system, learning how to operate the launchers, as well as loading them with anti-aircraft missiles, and also mastering the tracking radar, which is part of the Patriot system. The military is also trained in the maintenance and repair of this weapon system.

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