French Navy’s Le Terrible Sub Fires M51 Ballistic Missile

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  • 05:19 AM, April 20, 2023
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French Navy’s Le Terrible Sub Fires M51 Ballistic Missile
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France’s nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine Le Terrible fired an M51 ballistic missile in Brittany on Wednesday.

The missile was monitored throughout its flight phase by means of DGA Missile Testing and those of the Monge test and measurement building. The fallout zone is located in the North Atlantic several hundred kilometers from any coast. This test was carried out without a nuclear charge and in strict compliance with France's international commitments, the French defense ministry said in a statement.

This firing validates the operational capability of the SSBN Le Terrible's weapon system.

The M51 missile is armed on the four nuclear ballistic missile submarines in service with the French Navy.

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