BAE Systems Unveils Athena 1920 HD Thermal Camera Core

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  • 07:53 AM, May 4, 2023
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BAE Systems Unveils Athena 1920 HD Thermal Camera Core

BAE Systems has unveiled a new version of its Athena 1920 high-definition thermal camera core, which can now support missions requiring 360-degree situational awareness, vehicle protection, and space-based surveillance.

The Athena 1920 delivers high-definition infrared imagery with exceptional clarity, minimal motion blur, and sharp detail in degraded visual conditions. The small, lightweight, and power-efficient Athena 1920 is ideal for a variety of applications, including wide-area surveillance, threat detection and monitoring, targeting, and commercial applications.

The new thermal camera core has protective coatings that resist humidity, heat, and corrosion. For operation in space and high-altitude environments, Athena 1920 now has redundant software-based single event upset mitigation to help reduce the impacts of harmful radiation.

The Athena 1920 also features two frame rates options (30Hz and 60Hz) and frame synchronization for multi-camera systems. Its sensor hardening allows for the delivery of high-quality, broad-view night vision images from a range of platforms, including ground vehicles, aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, and satellites.

In addition, images captured from multiple Athena 1920s running at the same time can be chained together for broader situational awareness, including real-time 360-degree sensing capabilities for a ground vehicle.

The company manufactures its thermal camera cores at the company’s facility in Lexington, Massachusetts.

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