Kalashnikov Begins Producing Titanium Armored Helmets

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  • 04:46 AM, May 6, 2023
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Kalashnikov Begins Producing Titanium Armored Helmets
Elbrus-T titanium armored helmet @Kalashnikov

Kalashnikov Group’s Research Institute of Steel has begun mass production of Elbrus-T titanium armored helmets.

These products are part of a new line of titanium helmets adapted to the Br2 level of the new Russian GOST R 57560-2017. Existing production facilities and well-established supply chains will reduce the production cycle of this helmet to three months.

The titanium helmet has a number of advantages over fully composite helmets. One of them is a higher resistance to fragments of natural fragmentation with sharp cutting edges (fragments of hand grenades, grenade launchers, mines, high-explosive fragmentation shells). Surpasses a titan helmet of the competitors and on operational characteristics. At the same time, in terms of cost parameters, the Elbrus-T titanium helmet is at the level of the best composite helmets of the Br2 level.

Titanium helmets have always been the hallmark of the Steel Research Institute. Models "Altyn", 6B6-3, "Lynx-T" are still in operation in the power structures of Russia and the republics of the former USSR due to their quality and reliability.

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