Russia to Present Modernized T-72, T-90MS Tanks at Minsk Exhibition

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  • 04:54 AM, May 17, 2023
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Russia to Present Modernized T-72, T-90MS Tanks at Minsk Exhibition
T-90MS battle tank

Russia’s Uralvagonzavod (UVZ), part of state-owned Rostec is showcasing upgraded T-72 and T-90MS tanks at the 11th edition of the International Exhibition of Arms and Military Equipment MILEX-2023, which will be held from May 17 to 20 in Belarus’ Minsk.

UVZ offers its export partners the upgraded T-72. Rostec said modernization of the T-72 included measures to increase firepower, security, mobility and command controllability. Considering that various modifications of the T-72 are in service with 50 countries, modernization is especially in demand and relevant. It allows you to extend the effective operation of special equipment with the greatest benefit and the lowest cost.

Meanwhile, T-90MS modernization has improved its combat and driving performance. In particular, a boosted engine was installed, a third-generation modular dynamic protection was introduced, an upgraded gun, as well as modern means of communication. The improved combat module of the armored vehicle significantly increases the search and observation capabilities of the commander on the spot, on the move, regardless of the time of day.

No less promising today is the equipment of Uralvagonzavod, developed on the basis of the T-90. Exhibitors and guests of the exhibition will see a tank support combat vehicle. The BMPT is especially needed on the battlefield of the 21st century, where there are more and more targets that are difficult to hit by existing types of military equipment, requiring an increase in the density of fire of a military unit. BMPT successfully solves all these tasks. The main advantage of the machine is a multi-channel automatic weapon system (guided missiles, 30 mm automatic guns, grenade launchers, 7.62 mm machine gun) with a large ammunition load, modern all-aspect protection against anti-tank weapons and an all-day fire control system, as well as high mobility and maneuverability.

Another product based on the "ninetieth" is the IMR-3M engineering obstacle blocking vehicle. It is considered one of the most promising and perfect in the world and in many ways has no analogues. IMR-3M has a high cross-country ability, is able to make passages in forest, rocky and snowy blockages, carry out earthmoving work, etc. To do this, the kit includes a universal dozer blade, a telescopic boom with a manipulator with a maximum reach of 8 meters and a load capacity of 2 tons, a bucket with a capacity of 0.35 cubic meters. IMR-3M will easily lead a tank column even through areas contaminated after a nuclear strike.

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