U.S.A.F.’s B-52 Bombers to Get ‘Fighter-Like’ Radar Upgrades

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  • 05:31 AM, June 2, 2023
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U.S.A.F.’s B-52 Bombers to Get ‘Fighter-Like’ Radar Upgrades
First U.S.A.F. B-52 bomber to begin upgrades as part of Radar Modernization Program arrives at Boeing San Antonio @Boeing

The first U.S. Air Force B-52 long-range bomber has arrived at Boeing’s facility to begin upgrades as part of the Radar Modernization Program (RMP).

The RMP program will give the B-52 “fighter-like” radar capabilities, increasing navigation accuracy, targeting and tracking and will provide new, high-resolution mapping. The new radar will also be able to engage multiple targets simultaneously.

Following the on-schedule completion of the radar program Critical Design Review, Boeing began low-rate initial production of the new radar system for operational test and evaluation. Work on B-52 modernization takes place at Boeing sites in Oklahoma City and San Antonio.

RMP program upgrades include a new, wide-band radome on the aircraft’s nose; two high-definition, touch-screen, large area displays; two display sensor system processors that will connect the radar with other B-52 systems; two hand controllers and a modern active electronically scanned array radar.

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