Two Drones Crash on Russia’s M3 Highway

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  • 05:23 AM, June 5, 2023
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Two Drones Crash on Russia’s M3 Highway
Crater formed after a drone crashed in Tovarkovo village on June 1 @BAZA via Telegram

Two drones crashed on Russia’s M3 Highway on Monday morning, but they failed to detonate, a top local official has stated.

The Russian route M3, also known as the Ukraine Highway, is a major trunk road that runs across a distance of about 490km from Moscow to Russia's border with Ukraine.

"This morning, 2 UAVs fell on the M3 Ukraine highway at 299km (Zhizdra) and 283km (Duminichi)," governor of the Kaluga region Vladislav Shapsha wrote on his official Telegram channel.

On June 2, a similar drone crashed and exploded in the Kirovsky district of the Kaluga region, but there was no damage. A day earlier, another drone fell near the village of Tovarkovo near the largest oil refinery in the Kaluga region, creating a crater with a diameter of more than six meters.

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