RTX Tests Hybrid-electric Propulsion Demonstrator with 1MW Motor

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  • 11:53 AM, June 19, 2023
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RTX Tests Hybrid-electric Propulsion Demonstrator with 1MW Motor
RTX hybrid-electric flight demonstrator @Raytheon

RTX said it completed a rated power test of the demonstrator's 1 megawatt (MW) electric motor, developed by Collins Aerospace.

The 1MW motor will be combined with a thermal engine, developed by Pratt & Whitney, as part of a hybrid-electric propulsion system that aims to demonstrate a 30 percent improvement in fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions compared to today's  advanced regional turboprops. Collins and Pratt & Whitney are both business units of RTX.

"Our 1MW motor will help to significantly reduce aircraft carbon emissions by supporting hybrid-electric propulsion architectures on the next generation of commercial platforms," said Henry Brooks, president, Power & Controls for Collins Aerospace.

Following on from the first low speed engine run at a Pratt & Whitney Canada facility in Longueuil, Quebec in December 2022, testing of the combined hybrid-electric propulsion system – including both thermal engine and 1MW motor – will continue through 2023. The propulsion system and batteries will be integrated on a Dash 8-100 experimental aircraft, with flight testing targeted to begin in 2024. The project is supported by the governments of Canada and Quebec.

In addition to the hybrid-electric flight demonstrator, the 1MW motor will also be part of the Pratt & Whitney GTF hybrid-electric powertrain planned for the SWITCH project under the European Union's Clean Aviation initiative. Future testing will be conducted at The Grid, the $50 million electric power systems lab at Collins' Rockford, Illinois, facility slated to open later this year.

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