Russian Firm Develops Micro Flying Drone that Fires Pistol Rounds

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  • 10:47 AM, July 27, 2023
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Russian Firm Develops Micro Flying Drone that Fires Pistol Rounds
British Army's Nano Drone bug @Uavtek. Image for reference only.

Russia’s Design Bureau of Unmanned Aircraft-Building has developed a multi-rotor micro-drone dubbed Vektor Kh-120 with a dry weight of 38 grams to strike sheltered enemy manpower.

The company told government-owned TASS that Vektor Kh-120 is a disposable kamikaze drone that can fire 5.45x39mm (10.2 g) and 9x19mm Luger (7.45 g) rounds to carry out missions that a rifleman cannot perform.

The Vektor Kh-120 is capable of easily flying into a shelter and striking targets directly inside. This cannot be done by a sniper or a fighter who fires any small arms, unless these are heavy armaments like grenade launchers or powerful anti-tank guns that are a rare thing today or special high-explosive munitions.

A fighter would have to get out into open terrain or leave his shelter to fire a conventional munition.

"In this regard, the drone is much more effective. It can be launched when its operator stays behind any barrier and controls its flight up to the place of its use," the press office said.

The drone has its maximum flight duration of six minutes, an operational range of 2 km and can accelerate to 50 km/h. The UAV can be eventually used for flights in drone swarms.

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