Russia’s Enyx Develops Dozens of Military UAVs

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  • 08:14 AM, August 5, 2023
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Russia’s Enyx Develops Dozens of Military UAVs
Enyx-produced UAVs @Russian media

Russian firm "Enyx" has developed dozens of different drones for the military including air targets, simulators of aviation targets and quadcopters.

The company will demonstrate its products at the Russian exhibition "Army-2023". Visitors will be able to see the E95M aerial target, which provides an imitation of a small-sized aerodynamic maneuvering target of the type "Remotely piloted aircraft" and "Controlled gliding aerial bomb".

In part, the E95M is capable of simulating cruise missiles and tactical aircraft. In standard versions, an angular reflector, Lüneberg lens, IR tracers and IR traps (infrared countermeasures - ed.) are used as payloads, Militarnyi reported.

On the basis of comments received during the operation of the E95M, "Enyx" developed a small-sized aerial target of the E17MP air launch.

This model has increased speed, flight duration, a possible start from a training ground located higher than 1000 meters above sea level; the operating temperature range has been increased. For refueling E17MP, the most common fuel in the world is used - kerosene (nefras was used for refueling E95M).

E17MP is designed to ensure combat training of troops and practice (testing) of air defense equipment. The target simulates maneuverable targets of the type of remotely piloted aerial vehicles (UAVs), guided aerial bombs, cruise missiles, and partly airplanes and helicopters.

The E17MT small-sized air launch target has a similar set of payloads, but it also received IR traps.

Another small air launch target - E17МВ - is designed as a planning target for aviation.

The product is launched from an aircraft. The complex is designed to ensure combat training of troops and practice (testing) of air defense equipment.

E17MV simulates maneuverable targets such as UAVs, guided air bombs, cruise missiles, and partially airplanes and helicopters.

As Enyx specialists note, all targets developed by the company (E95M, E17MP, E17MV, etc.) can be used simultaneously for several types of weapons, using one ground control station.

The "Astra" air launch platform (M850) simulates maneuverable targets such as UAVs, guided air bombs, cruise missiles, and partially airplanes and helicopters.

Similar tasks can be solved by the aerial platform of ground launch "Berta" (E08).

The device is controlled by a radio channel or a program, and it is also equipped with a GPS navigation system.

Any payload can be installed on board "Bertu" at the request of the customer.

Standard options are TV camera, thermal imager, corner reflector, Lüneberg lens, IR tracers, IR traps, special drop-off containers.

The "Eleron-3" short-range unmanned aerial vehicle (T28) is designed for aerial control and surveillance of objects and equipment in remote areas.

The UAV is suitable for remote monitoring of the earth's surface.

In autonomous mode, Eleron-3 performs programmed functions in flight and automatically returns to the starting point.

The Eleron-7 and Eleron-10 drones have similar capabilities. The main differences are related to the composition of the payload. If Eleron-3 uses a video camera with a 10-fold magnification, then the Eleron-7 already has a 30-fold magnification, and the Eleron-10 has a 36-fold magnification. Also, the three drones have different configurations of thermal imagers.

The short-range unmanned aerial vehicle "Valdai" (T16Э) allows you to observe the terrain using the day range module or the night range module.

In the automatic flight mode, an inertial navigation system is used with correction based on the data of GLONASS/GPS satellite navigation systems.

In semi-automatic mode, the operator changes the course, altitude, speed and controls the payload. In the absence of data from satellite navigation systems, the drone is able to continue moving. It is possible to fly a UAV along the line of sight.

The "Veer" quadrocopter is designed for 24-hour aerial optical-electronic reconnaissance. In addition to searching and identifying targets, the device allows you to determine their exact location.

In offline mode, "Veer" can perform the task program entered before the start, maintaining radio silence. The automatic mode allows the possibility of adjusting targets by commands from the ground control point.

It will be recalled that during the Russian-Ukrainian war, the Defense Forces repeatedly captured the Russian drones of this company.

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