Rostec Develops Hybrid Power Plant Based on KA-226T’s VK-650V

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  • 07:48 AM, August 22, 2023
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Rostec Develops Hybrid Power Plant Based on KA-226T’s VK-650V
Russia's 500-kW hybrid power plant @Rostec

Russia’s United Engine Corporation (UEC) will present a 500-kW hybrid power plant based on the VK-650V that powers the KA-226T helicopter at the Technoprom-2023.

The project is based on the VK-650V engine for light helicopters.

One of the platforms for the use of a hybrid power plant may be a vertical take-off aircraft with a fixed wing. To lift such an apparatus weighing about 3 tons into the air, two 500 kW power plants will be used, which will allow transporting loads weighing up to 500 kg, state-owned Rostec said in a statement.

The demonstrator contains the main functional elements of the future product. Its assembly was carried out at UEC-Klimov. All components - turbogenerator, electric motors, power electronics of electric machines, battery and automatic control system of the plant - have already been manufactured and delivered by the cooperation to St. Petersburg.

“Hybrid power plants are one of the key areas within the framework of the UEC scientific and technical strategy, work on which has been underway since 2020. At the end of last year, the company successfully tested a 100-kW demonstrator, which allowed us to approach the target of 500 kW. At the Technoprom-2023 international technological development forum, we are presenting a full-size HCS demonstrator based on the VK-650,” said Yury Shmotin, General Designer of the UEC.

Hybrid power plants will have a number of advantages over traditional gas turbine power plants. Reduced fuel consumption, environmental friendliness, increased flight safety due to the presence of two energy sources instead of one, the possibility of vertical takeoff of aircraft, takeoff from short runways and increased maneuverability are predicted. 

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