Kalashnikov to Set up Universal Training Centre for Military Drones

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  • 07:05 AM, August 25, 2023
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Kalashnikov to Set up Universal Training Centre for Military Drones
ZALA GEO drone @Kalashnikov

Russia’s Kalashnikov Concern plans to establish an unmanned aviation training center for training of operators of all company-made drones.

This was stated by Alan Lushnikov, President of the Kalashnikov Concern JSC, on the sidelines of the plenary session "Unmanned aircraft - dual-use technologies in war and peace."

“Currently available organizations for training personnel for the operation of complexes with UAVs are focused on training in the operation of foreign UAVs available for free sale - such as DJI copters, Mavic and the like, or UAVs of our own production, which limits the possibility of obtaining a universal specialist to attract him to test flights during the development of new UAVs,” said the president of Kalashnikov.

According to him, UAV developers, which are part of the Kalashnikov group of companies, also faced this problem. “After analyzing the situation, it was decided to create mobile crews of complexes with UAVs, whose task is to master all types of unmanned aerial vehicles produced at our enterprises,” said Alan Lushnikov. “These groups, having gained knowledge and experience, will include universal specialists who, if necessary, can be used as instructors and testers, as well as specialists to support the operation of systems with UAVs by the customer.”

For the Kalashnikov concern, this algorithm of work is the most effective. The Kalashnikov group of companies includes both full-fledged enterprises that develop and manufacture UAVs according to established standards with military acceptance, and enterprises that do not have their own design bureau, but create interesting developments that eventually allow them to produce competitive UAV samples.

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