Kalashnikov Unveils New Facility for Precision Firearms Manufacturing

  • Defensemirror.com Bureau
  • 12:02 PM, September 20, 2023
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Kalashnikov Unveils New Facility for Precision Firearms Manufacturing

Russia's Kalashnikov Concern has opened a facility dedicated to the fabrication of components for precision-guided artillery shells.

This facility's inauguration aligns with Gunsmith's Day, a prominent occasion celebrated across Russia's foremost weapons manufacturing enterprises.

The establishment of this new wing within the specialized equipment production division involved the acquisition and contracting of over 70 machines, encompassing milling, turning, and grinding equipment. Presently, the company has taken delivery of 20 CNC vertical milling machines, with commissioning already completed to initiate the production of test components for guided projectiles. The site will be staffed by ten operators who have undergone comprehensive training and skill enhancement at the concern's Industrial Training School.

This represents the second high-precision production site launched this year. Construction activities and the outfitting of divisional premises will continue through January of the following year.

The launch of this site is poised to yield a substantial increase in both the volume and diversity of the manufactured products, Rostec said.

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