Romania Short-lists German, Turkish & S.Korean howitzers

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  • 11:24 AM, September 26, 2023
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Romania Short-lists German, Turkish & S.Korean howitzers
K9 self-propelled howitzer @Estonian armed forces

Romania is considering three wheeled howitzers for its army under its $2 billion self propelled artillery project: the German PzH2000, Turkey's BMC T-155 FIRTINA, and South Korean K9 Thunder.

The plan is to acquire 54 units of 155mm howitzers along with a variety of ammunition, including explosive, smoke, illumination, and training rounds in three separate packages, first of which is worth €850 million.

The initial howitzer system package comprises 18 tracked 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzers, 9 spare barrels, 12 specialized ammunition transport and loading vehicles, 9 artillery observation-command points, 1 meteorological station, 3 damaged equipment evacuation vehicles, and 3 acoustic reconnaissance systems. All of the mentioned ammunition is also part of this package.

Romania Short-lists German, Turkish & S.Korean howitzers
PzH2000 Howitzer

The Romanian Army is expected to make a decision on this tender by the end of this year. The South Korean K9 Thunder Howitzer has gained attention in the tender process due to its selection by Poland.

Turkish media reported that the FIRTINA-II, as part of the New Generation FIRTINA Howitzer Project, has seen several enhancements, including an Electrically Driven Turret and Barrel Guidance Unit, K/M Howitzer Fire Control System, Fully Automatic Ammunition Loading System, Gunpowder Conditioning Unit, Air Conditioning System, and SARP Remote Controlled Weapon System (UKSS) equipment. Successful firing tests for the New Generation FIRTINA Howitzer were carried out in 2018.

Romania Short-lists German, Turkish & S.Korean howitzers
FIRTINA-II 155mm howitzer

So far, 6 howitzers have been delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces, and there are plans to produce a total of 140 New Generation FIRTINA Self-Propelled Howitzer (KMO) Systems for the Turkish Land Forces Command.

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