Russia's "Agriculture" Mine-Laying Vehicle Can Plant Mines in Record Time

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  • 10:34 AM, October 13, 2023
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Agriculture remote mining engineering system

Rostec has fast-tracked the delivery of the "Agriculture" remote mining engineering system (ISDM), a system that can mine vast areas rapidly with programmable ammunition.

Rostec said this system can blanket an area equivalent to several football fields with mines in just minutes, thanks to programmable ammunition. These explosive devices possess the capability to self-destruct or deactivate at predetermined times.

The "Agriculture" system comprises a combat vehicle mounted on a wheeled chassis with an enhanced payload capacity featuring an 8x8 wheel configuration, a transport-loading vehicle, and transport-launch containers loaded with various types of engineering ammunition. The system operates on a principle similar to Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS). However, it employs solid-fuel engine ammunition loaded with diverse types of mines for mining purposes.

The combat vehicle is responsible for transporting containers loaded with engineering ammunition to the firing position and mechanizing the deployment of the system. This technology streamlines the automated preparation and input of flight mission data, as well as parameters for mine self-destruction. Furthermore, the ISDM possesses the capability to automatically initiate a salvo at predetermined target coordinates, recording the impact locations on an electronic map and transmitting this data to a higher level of command.

Bekhan Ozdoev, the industrial director of the Complex of Conventional Weapons, Ammunition, and Special Chemicals at the Rostec State Corporation, stated that the special military operation and the failed counter-offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces had demonstrated how strategically placed minefields could become an insurmountable obstacle for the enemy. He further explained that "Agriculture" had the capacity to establish "smart" minefields swiftly, even in challenging locations. Additionally, he emphasized that the system's ability to deactivate or self-destruct explosive devices at predetermined times ensured the safe and rapid clearance of mines after the cessation of hostilities. Ozdoev highlighted that "Agriculture" enhanced the combat capabilities of units dealing with mining tasks while adhering to all international agreements that restricted or prohibited the use of mines, booby traps, and similar devices.

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