S.Korean DAPA Initiates Project for Enhanced Anti-Submarine Operations

LIG Nex1 will be creating a database for improved naval operations under this project
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  • 05:12 AM, October 16, 2023
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S.Korean DAPA Initiates Project for Enhanced Anti-Submarine Operations
ROK Navy submarine @DSME

The Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) has officially announced the commencement of the Naval Acoustic Information Management System-II Project (NAIMS-II), aiming to bolster the Republic of Korea's naval anti-submarine capabilities.

The project, contracted to LIG Nex1 Co., Ltd. at an approximate cost of KRW 64.3 billion ($48 million), is set to create a comprehensive database of underwater noises and marine characteristics, significantly improving the effectiveness of naval operations.

NAIMS-II is designed to integrate and analyze data from various sources, including Navy surface ships, submarines, and aircraft, within each sea area. The system will then disseminate this analyzed information to naval operational forces, enhancing their ability to conduct anti-submarine operations. This development is expected to notably advance the system's analysis capabilities for active sonar signals and the marine environment detection forecast period.

Moreover, the NAIMS-II project will include the ability to process vast amounts of data efficiently and facilitate information exchange through satellite communication. This will reduce the time required for acoustic information analysis and enable rapid information sharing, further bolstering the effectiveness of anti-submarine operations. Notably, the project is also set to incorporate cutting-edge AI and big data technology for the most current and accurate information.

In a statement, Senior Public Official Kyu-heon Gyu, Director of the DAPA Space Command and Communication Division, expressed the project's significance, saying, "Through this Naval Acoustic Information Management System-II project, we will be able to detect 100% of enemy submarines penetrating into the sea by providing the latest acoustic information to maritime forces in a timely manner. It will contribute to greatly strengthening our identifiable anti-submarine operational capabilities."

The NAIMS-II project signifies a crucial step forward in enhancing the Republic of Korea's defense capabilities, particularly in safeguarding its maritime interests. The development of this advanced acoustic information management system is expected to provide a substantial advantage in anti-submarine operations, strengthening national security and regional stability.

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