U.S. Southern Command's Plan to Boost Equipment Maintenance in South America

This initiative goes beyond aircraft, covering diverse equipment like trucks, boats, helicopters, and radios
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  • 06:54 AM, October 17, 2023
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U.S. Southern Command's Plan to Boost Equipment Maintenance in South America
Colombian Air Force C-130 Hercules

The U.S. Southern Command (Southcom) has unveiled its Theater Maintenance Partnership Initiative (TMPI) aimed at bolstering equipment maintenance for South American partner nations.

Under this program, Southcom plans to collaborate with South American partner and allied nations to enhance their maintenance expertise across various domains.

According to Marine Corps Lt. Col. Gabriel Christianson, the Multinational Logistics Officer at U.S. Southern Command, TMPI seeks to provide comprehensive support, spanning from equipment-level maintenance to life-cycle management. The initiative is not limited to simple maintenance training but encompasses a broader spectrum of engagement.

At the tactical level, Southcom will work with host and attending countries to educate and enable maintainers. Simultaneously, TMPI offers senior military and civilian leaders a multinational logistics officer's course to understand logistics functions, NATO codification, lifecycle management, and strategic planning.

TMPI was conceived in response to concerns expressed by Southcom's partner nations regarding maintenance challenges they face with their equipment. Southcom Commander Army Gen. Laura Richardson emphasized the significance of this initiative, citing examples of instances where inadequate maintenance prevented partner nations from participating in missions, such as during the Haiti earthquake recovery effort.

Through TMPI, Southcom aims to ensure that aircraft owned by partner nations meet modern standards for interoperability, fostering a collaborative approach among partner nations for the benefit of the entire hemisphere.

The initiative's focus extends beyond aircraft like the C-130 to encompass various equipment across different domains, including trucks, boats, helicopters, and radios. TMPI is expected to establish nine "centers of excellence" hosted by partner nations in Southcom, with three locations already selected in Colombia and Jamaica.

Colombia will host aviation and electronic maintenance centers of excellence, while Jamaica's Caribbean Military Academy will oversee a multi-domain center covering maintenance of aircraft, ground equipment, and naval vessels.

Southcom also intends to collaborate with the Colombian government to expand the capacity of the Tolemaida facility for training pilots and maintainers. Moreover, Southcom plans to organize a multinational course for logistics officers to equip leaders with education and ideas for the complex systems of the future.

While Colombia and Jamaica are the first host nations for centers of excellence, other nations within Southcom have expressed interest in hosting similar facilities, with additional centers to be rolled out in fiscal years 2026 and 2027.

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