Russia’s 'Argus-Antifuria' Electronic Warfare Station Upgraded with Drone Direction Finder

The upgrade enables trench-based soldiers to locate and suppress drones
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  • 10:58 AM, October 19, 2023
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Russia’s 'Argus-Antifuria' Electronic Warfare Station Upgraded with Drone Direction Finder

The "Argus-Antifuria" mobile Electronic Warfare Station has been upgraded to include a direction finder with which its operator will be able to point the system at the drone before releasing powerful electro-magnetic impulses to suppress its electronics.

The station is capable of detecting the drone by sending a signal to the operator to directly point it in the right direction. The product was modified at the request of military personnel taking part in the Northern Military District zone. 

NPO Kaysant which manufacturers the Argus-Antifuria emphasized that the modernization will simplify the operator’s work.

Previously, the operator had to use a separate device for direction finding; accordingly, one hand of a person was occupied with it. “Antifuria” is quite large, this is already a trench electronic warfare system. It is quite difficult to look out the sky for drones while in a trench. That’s why the current one modernization from the point of view of comprehensive direction finding of drones has become very convenient,” a NPO Kaysant spokesperson told TASS.

The weight of the stationary installation is 18 kg. Suppression range - up to 2 km. The station is capable of suppressing most known unmanned aerial vehicles, including aircraft-type ones. 

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