Iran Equips High Altitude “Karrar” Drone with Air-to-air Missile

The new missile is a further development of the “Majid” surface-to-air missile
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  • 05:55 PM, October 22, 2023
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Iran Equips High Altitude “Karrar” Drone with Air-to-air Missile
I'ran High Altitude “Karrar” Drone @Tasnim News

The Iran Army’s Air Defense Force (ADF) has equipped its “Karrar” drone with a heat-seeking air-to-air missile that has a range of 8 kilometers, ADF Commander, Brigadier General Alireza Sabahifard said on Sunday.

The new missile is a modified “Majid” surface-to-air missile on which extensive work was done since last 12 months for the air-to-air role.

The jet-engine powered “Karrar” is claimed to have a service ceiling of 47,000 feet.

The drone has in the past given radar and radio warnings to foreign aircraft that have been approaching Iran’s coastal waters or its flight information region (FIR).

The new air-to-air capability will enable it to shoot at enemy high altitude drones and slow moving reconnaissance aircraft.

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