Pentagon Urban Warfare Experts in Israel to Advise on Minimizing Civilian Casualties

New Jersey Air National Guard's F-16s are preparing for deployment in Israel
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  • 12:31 PM, October 25, 2023
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Pentagon Urban Warfare Experts in Israel to Advise on Minimizing Civilian Casualties
Israeli F-16 fighter

Amidst continued bombing in Gaza, the Pentagon has dispatched advisors to Israel to help officials there mitigate civilian casualties as they conduct their military planning.

This was confirmed by Pentagon Press Secretary Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder during a regular press briefing.

The advisors sent to Israel have significant experience in urban combat, and their mission is to aid in military planning to reduce harm to non-combatants.

Additionally, the Pentagon has announced the arrival of a squadron of F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft in the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility. These aircraft will complement the range of capabilities that the Defense Department has recently deployed to enhance the ability of U.S. forces to defend themselves in the region.

The decision to bolster U.S. forces in the Middle East comes in response to a series of attacks by militia groups supported by Iran on U.S. forces conducting counterterrorism missions in both Iraq and Syria. These attacks, which have occurred more than a dozen times since Hamas initiated an attack on Israel on October 7, are attributed to groups backed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the Iranian regime.

The U.S. Department of Defense has taken several steps to protect its forces and interests in the region. These include the deployment of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower carrier strike group to the U.S. Central Command area, the movement of a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense battery from Fort Bliss, Texas, and the dispatch of additional Patriot missile battalions from Fort Liberty, North Carolina, and Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

The F-16 aircraft involved in today's announcement are from the New Jersey Air National Guard's 119th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron. Various military units have been placed on prepare-to-deploy orders, although none have been activated at this point.


Pentagon Urban Warfare Experts in Israel to Advise on Minimizing Civilian Casualties
Gaza after Israeli bomb attack

The Department of Defense has identified three primary objectives since the onset of the conflict initiated by Hamas. These include protecting U.S. forces in the region, supporting Israel's right to defend itself from terrorist attacks, and deterring a broader regional conflict. To assist Israel in its defense, the U.S. has expedited security assistance, which includes precision-guided munitions, small-diameter bombs, artillery, ammunition, Iron Dome interceptors, and other critical equipment. The Pentagon maintains close communication with Israeli partners to address their defense needs and reaffirms its commitment to Israel's security.

Finally, the Department of Defense has made it clear that it aims to prevent the situation in Israel from escalating into a wider regional conflict. "Since [the] Hamas terrorist attack, we've also been crystal clear that we do not want to see the situation in Israel [widen] into a broader regional conflict," he said. "Our message to any country or group thinking about trying to take advantage of this situation to widen the conflict is: Don't."

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