Rostec Delivers First Batch of Malva Self-Propelled Wheeled Howitzers to Russian Ministry of Defense

Russia’s first wheeled self-propelled howitzer Malva made its debut at ARMY-2023 Forum, Moscow.
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  • 06:46 AM, October 26, 2023
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Rostec Delivers First Batch of Malva Self-Propelled Wheeled Howitzers to Russian Ministry of Defense
Malva Self-Propelled Wheeled Howitzer @Rostec

Russia’s state-owned Rostec announced it has handed over the first batch of 152-mm Malva self-propelled wheeled howitzers to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The Malva self-propelled artillery guns, also known as SAOs, have been specifically designed to enhance mobility, firepower, and operational efficiency. These artillery pieces are capable of automatically firing all types of ammunition and can operate in simultaneous fire attack mode, allowing multiple rounds to reach their target simultaneously.

What sets the Malva apart is its utilization of the BAZ chassis, featuring an 8x8 wheel arrangement, which enhances maneuverability compared to traditional tracked units. This self-propelled gun can traverse 1,100 kilometers on public roads without refueling, and its all-wheel-drive system, combined with a powerful diesel engine, enables it to tackle off-road conditions.

Furthermore, the Malva boasts a longer technical lifespan and lower operating costs compared to its tracked counterparts. The deployment, positioning, and targeting of the Malva are said to be quicker than traditional towed guns.

The Malva's dimensions allow it to be transported on an Il-76 aircraft, enabling rapid deployment to various locations, even over long distances.

Bekhan Ozdoev, the industrial director of the complex of conventional weapons, ammunition, and special chemicals at Rostec State Corporation, stated, "Thanks to the wheeled chassis, the Malva is able to quickly turn around in a position and leave it, avoiding return fire, which is very important in a counter-battery war. This is a modern and powerful weapon, with which you can destroy almost any object with high-explosive fragmentation shells at a range of more than 24 kilometers. The rate of fire of the howitzer is more than 7 rounds per minute, and the ammunition capacity is up to 30 rounds."

The Malva self-propelled gun is designed with the capability to destroy various targets, including command posts, defensive structures, artillery, rocket and mortar batteries, air defense systems, columns of armored vehicles, and enemy personnel. This delivery of the Malva marks a significant enhancement of Russia's military capabilities, ensuring they remain at the forefront of modern artillery technology.

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