Thai-Israeli Dual Citizens Recruited by Israeli Army Reserve

No recruitment of Thai workers by Israeli Defense Forces: Thailand’s foreign ministry
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  • 06:09 AM, November 9, 2023
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Thai-Israeli Dual Citizens Recruited by Israeli Army Reserve
Thai nationals returning from Israel @Thai media

Thai-Israeli individuals with dual citizenship are confirmed to be actively engaged in the Israeli army reserve.
This was reported by The Bangkok Post citing Thailand’s Foreign Affairs Ministry.
However, there is no recruitment of Thai workers by the Israeli Defence Force. The ministry's statement came in response to unsubstantiated reports on social media alleging the hiring of Thai workers for the Israeli army.
The statement also mentions that around 400-500 Thai women who have married Israeli men and have children with dual Thai-Israeli citizenship are part of the Israeli army reserve. Israeli law mandates that all citizens, both men and women, are drafted into the military at the age of 18. Men typically serve for 32 months, and women serve for 24 months, after which they become members of the army reserve and can be called up for active duty.
The statement notes that the Israeli Defence Force mobilized over 350,000 reservists, around 4% of its population, following a Hamas attack on Israel in early October.
Among these reservists are Thais with dual citizenship, but there are no Thai workers in the Israeli army as claimed. The statement emphasizes the importance of not spreading fake news, as it can lead to misunderstandings both within Thailand and internationally.

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