Czech Republic's PBS Velka Bites Rejects Allegations of Supplying APUs for Russian Mi Helicopters

Russia has produced its own Aerosila TA-14 APU for Mi-8/17/171 helicopters for decades: PBS Velka Bites
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  • 07:54 AM, November 23, 2023
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Czech Republic's PBS Velka Bites Rejects Allegations of Supplying APUs for Russian Mi Helicopters
Mi-171Sh military transport helicopter @Rosoboronexport

Czech-based PBS Velká Biteš has vehemently rejected claims made by the Kyiv Independent, alleging that it violated sanctions by exporting sanctioned products to Russian helicopters via India and Kazakhstan.

PBS Velká Biteš denies these accusations, asserting their unfounded nature. The primary source of the article, the Export Genius trade database based in India, is criticized for its lack of verification. PBS Velká Biteš emphasizes the database's fundamental weakness, highlighting the unrestricted entry of data by importing companies without proper control. The company argues that this vulnerability allows for manipulation, particularly by state authorities, such as those in Putin's Russia, aiming to spread false information and compromise targeted manufacturers.

PBS Velká Biteš believes these false accusations stem from a disinformation strategy orchestrated by Russian services to complicate the manufacturer's reputation. The company states, "We believe that from the beginning, it was a dirty game by the Russian services, who simply entered false data into the database."

Asserting that they do not cooperate with the Russian Federation for legislative and moral reasons, PBS Velká Biteš becomes a target for such tactics. The timing of the alleged campaign aligns with expected missile engine deliveries to the Ukrainian armed forces, raising suspicions of Russian interference.

The article's claim that Russian helicopters heavily rely on PBS Velká Biteš for essential components is dismissed as ridiculous. PBS Velká Biteš clarifies that Russia has been producing and supplying its own Aerosila TA-14 Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) for helicopters for decades. “This is a completely ridiculous claim to make the article more interesting. Russia has been producing and supplying its own Aerosila TA-14 APU for Mi-8/17/171 helicopters destined for that market for decades….. The third alternative (besides PBS Safír and Aerosila TA14) APU for the Russian Mi – 8/17/171 is even the Ukrainian-made MotorSich Ai-9V APU.”

Additionally, the company explains that, before the invasion of Ukraine, its APUs were mainly installed in export versions of helicopters for non-Russian end users, with APUs for Russian end users assembled in Russia. PBS Velká Biteš now exclusively ships APUs directly to users outside of Russia.

In anticipation of a potential media attack, PBS Velká Biteš conducted a preemptive investigation to verify the current location of its products. The company asserts that the findings confirm the falsification of the database and dismiss the sensational claims as fictitious and fabricated. The article is criticized for mentioning companies unknown to PBS Velká Biteš and making unverified claims about their involvement in exports to Russia.

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