IAI Secures $145M in Deals for Long Range Loitering Munitions

Contracts were signed with two different countries for the kamikaze drones
  • Defensemirror.com bureau
  • 03:48 AM, November 24, 2023
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IAI Secures $145M in Deals for Long Range Loitering Munitions
HAROP loitering munition @IAI

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has inked agreements with two countries, totaling $145 million, for the delivery of long-range loitering munitions.

This follows a previous contract earlier this year, showcasing the increasing global demand for IAI's loitering munition family. The orders underscore IAI's expertise in this market segment.

IAI's long range loitering munition family includes the Harpy NG, Harop, and Mini Harpy. The HARPY NG, introduced in the 1980s, pioneered this weapons class and is designed for Autonomous Suppression of Enemy Air Defence missions. The HAROP, a derivative, is used in various scenarios, including countering terror threats, while the Mini Harpy stands out as the world's only loitering munition with a triple seeker—electro-optical day, night, and anti-radiation.

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